Hello my name is Justin Leon I am University of Florida basketball Alumni &  professional basketball player with a unique passion for creativity. My designer label "JAYEMADE" is the way I express a side which is often overshadowed by sports. My love for sports, music, and fashion are all displayed throughout my handmade pieces.

I'm a one man band. The idea behind my creations is to represent individuality, forcing those to see and accept "different". Not only give unique clothing but also a new light on how we view sportswear. The world's greatest all have something about them that others don't. I want my clothes to make people feel like they are the greatest. I´m catering to audiences that like to stand out and express their own individual uniqueness throughout what they wear. Jayemade items are purposely made to be "polarizing" due to the fact I want self thinkers to represent my creations over those who seek validation. Life is unique so you should look it.

While my garments are not made to gloat in, they are made to say "Im different" My creations have no label, they are made for all parties off life anyone can wear them.